Posting pictures of road accidents in Abu Dhabi lands you a Dhs150,000 fine

Ministry of Interior also issues fresh warning about obscructing the road

Posting pictures of road accidents in Abu Dhabi lands you a Dhs150,000 fine

Anyone taking pictures of road accidents in Abu Dhabi and posting them on social media could be fined Dhs150,000 and thrown in jail. 

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) has issued fresh warnings on social media about the law, and said the circulation of accident images “is deemed an irresponsible behaviour among citizens. It is also a violation of the law”.

Posting photographs or videos of accidents in the UAE on social media sites could also lead to jail under the country’s cybercrime law.

In addition, anyone found obstructing or blocking roads near accidents sites can be hit with a Dhs1,000 fine.

The MoI adds: “Taking pictures of accident scenes and sharing them online is against the UAE’s values derived from the Islamic concept of tolerance.”

Police said not only do people crowding around crash sites cause extra stress for those involved, they also hinder emergency services attending the scene.

The latest warning comes after driver were warned they could be fined Dhs3,000 for obstructing emergency vehicles on Abu Dhabi roads. 

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