You can get premium service at ADNOC for free this summer in Abu Dhabi

Petrol stations are waiving the Dhs10 fee in July and August this year

You can get premium service at ADNOC for free this summer in Abu Dhabi

In the past year or so you’ve probably gotten used to pumping your own fuel in Abu Dhabi.

Before us expats reminded ourselves how to fill the tank and not soak our shoes with petrol, we enjoyed the luxury of staying inside our cars, away from the sun, as the helpful attendants did all the legwork.

Nowadays, if you don’t want to ruin your manicure or are petrified of the pumps you can pay an additional Dhs10 at ADNOC service stations and remain inside your car for the premium service.

But all that is about to change again – for the summer at least.

ANDOC has announced that the premium service, where the attendants fill your tank for you, will be free during select times throughout the summer.

So if you want to save Dhs10 every time you fill up, or want a trip down memory lane to when you didn’t pump your won fuel then you’re in luck.

All you have to do is sign up for the ADNOC Wallet – a service that allows you to top an account up with credit to pay for refuelling - which you can do here.

ADNOC Wallet customers will be able to avoid the Dhs10 charge for the premium service between 11am and 5pm every day in July and August.

The offer is available at all ADNOC service stations across the emirate.

We’ll see you on the road.

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