Baby turtles released into the ocean in Abu Dhabi

The young turtles are now swimming off the Saadiyat Island coast

Baby turtles released into the ocean in Abu Dhabi

There is some amazing wildlife in Abu Dhabi.

Dugongs, gazelles, dolphins and the rest, but nothing is quite as cute as baby turtles. 

Abu Dhabi's coastline is home to a number nesting sites for several species of turtles including some ciritically endangered ones like the hawksbill turtle.

The good news is that this week a total of 19 young hawksbill turtles have hatched on Saadiyat Beach and have been released into the ocean thanks to the Saadiyat Beach patrol team and NYU Abu Dhabi. 

With the help of Saadiyat Rotana Resort and Villas, the young animals hatched from one of a dozen nesting sites on the beach.

Nesting sites are protected by volunteers to ensure the safety of the vulnerable animals and the ensure they have the best possible chance of survival and reaching the waters of the Arabian Gulf. 

We love seeing pictures of younglings making their way down the beach towards the sea and we hope more will follow in the coming weeks.

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