Travelling from Abu Dhabi to California just got easier

Pack your bags for stress-free travel to the Golden State

Travelling from Abu Dhabi to California just got easier

Everybody knows about California, right?

There’s Hollywood, the Golden Gate Bridge, Disneyland and Yosemite National Park, to name just a few of the many big attractions.

So if you’ve ever dreamed of seeing how the rich and famous live it up in California then the good news is that travelling to the state from Abu Dhabi has just got easier.

Thanks to an agreement between Etihad Airways and Visit California, passengers can go through all the pre-clearance checks here in the capital.

This means that when you land in the US, there’s less time waiting in queues and more time blowing up your Instagram page.

You can also finish your US Customs and Border Protection checks, including immigration and customs inspections, before you board the plane.

Abu Dhabi is just one of a handful of airports that offer this service outside of North America, so if you’re planning a trip stateside from the capital it couldn’t be more convenient.

What’s more, Etihad will be looking to increase travel to California from the UAE so we could get even more regular flights leaving from Abu Dhabi International Airport in the future.

So maybe it’s time we took a trip to the states to see if we can make it as Hollywood stars...

We'll make sure to remember you all in our Oscar-winning speech.

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