It's now cheaper to cancel your mobile phone contract here in Abu Dhabi

The UAE's mobile regulator has announced new rules

It's now cheaper to cancel your mobile phone contract here in Abu Dhabi

One thing that can cause a headache for residents here in Abu Dhabi is trying to change mobile phone plans.

One stumbling block is the cancellation fees you are hit with for wanting to leave your contract early, however that is about to change.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has announced that the cancellation fee will now be capped.

At the moment you have to pay the remaining contract up before you can leave. So if you are six months into a year-long contract with Etisalat or du you'd have to pay the remaining six months.

Now, however, you will only have to pay one month.

If you have taken a contract out recently, the new rule is likely already in place, but the TRA says it's working on making an amendment to existing contracts.

The regulator says the changes are being make because the "TRA's keenness to apply the best international standards on services provided by licensees in the UAE."

Maybe it's time to start shopping around for a new deal.

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