When is Ramadan 2019 in Abu Dhabi?

Find out when the month will start and end here in the UAE

When is Ramadan 2019 in Abu Dhabi?

As we move into March, Ramadan is a matter of weeks away.

While the exact start of the Holy Month won't be set until closer to the time, predictions have already been made as to the date.

The first day of Ramadan is traditionally marked by the sighting of the crescent moon with the naked eye by the Moon Sighting Committee in Saudi Arabia.

It is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and this year astronomers say it is likely to fall on Monday, May 6.

If that is the case, the month of fasting will end on Wednesday, June 5, when Eid al-Fitr will start and there will be a public holiday.

During Ramadan, anyone observing will fast from sunrise until sunset, when they will take iftar.

Working and school hours will be shorter throughout Ramadan, too.

Keep an eye on our website for more Ramadan news, and a list of all the iftars and suhours in Abu Dhabi.

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