Abu Dhabi to get 5G mobile networks this year

We're pretty well served when it comes to internet speeds here in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi to get 5G mobile networks this year

Just this week du joined Etisalat in promising to double broadband speeds, and now, the latter has announced plans to build a 5G infrastructure this year. 

But what is 5G? Well, its the next stage in mobile networks, reaching faster speeds than ever before, offering 4k video and better gaming and VR experiences.

A whopping 600 towers will be built to make sure the coverage is in place in time for Expo 2020, when Etisalat expects 300,000 users takign advantage of it during peak times.

“5G technologies and the network will deliver capacity and connectivity along with opportunities for economic growth, education, healthcare, transportation and more", says Senior Vice President of Etisalat Saeed Al Zarouni.

While most mobile phones aren't built with 5G capabilities right now, the newest models from Samsung, Apple and Huwei will be.

“Our network and infrastructure will be ready to provide the service as soon as the 5G mobile handsets are available in UAE," Al Zarouni adds.

How much faster can it get?

For more information, go to etisalat.ae.

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