Abu Dhabi police now have a quad bike to chase bad guys

The all-terrain vehicle is perfect for driving over sand and undeveloped land

 Abu Dhabi police now have a quad bike to chase bad guys

You might see Abu Dhabi police whizzing by in a slightly different car soon.

A new vehicle has been introduced to the force as part of the UAE Month of Innovation.

The specially adapted quad bike will be on patrol in the capital to help chase down vehicles over sand and agricultural land.

It has a smart camera installed to capture and update information on the force's database, too.

So not only does it look pretty cool, it's a nifty bit of kit, too.

The lightweight vehicle was announced on Abu Dhabi police's Instagram and Twitter accounts.

It comes after new fines were announced last week for failing to stop, or parking badly, near schools.

We'll be keeping a look out for the new bikes, but have no intention of being chased by them...

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