Everything you need to know if you’re going to Pope Francis’ mass in Abu Dhabi

Find out what you need to take and what will happen on the day

Everything you need to know if you’re going to Pope Francis’ mass in Abu Dhabi

The Papal mass by Pope Francis at Abu Dhabi’s Zayed Sports City is an historic occasion.

Adults and school kids have been given the day off, roads will be closed and trucks will be banned from the main island and the whole event will be live streamed on YouTube.

It marks the first time the head of the Catholic church has visited the Arabian Gulf and, understandably, it’s a big deal.

Thousands of people with tickets to the mass will set off from Dubai tonight (Monday February 2) on free buses to Abu Dhabi.

And many thousands more will set off from Al Ain and the capital itself in time for the 10.30am mass.

In total, 135,000 people are expected to attend.

However, there are some rules and pieces of information that every one of them should know.

And that information is below.

• Everyone must carry their entry ticket and transport ticket.
• The transport ticket is needed for access to the free transport to the mass and the return journey.
• Children over two years old must also have a ticket.
• It’s advised that you take food and drinks for the journey.
• The transport will drop you off as near to the stadium as possible but you should still prepare for a walk.
• Once you get to Zayed Sports City, you will go through a security check before being shown to your assigned section.
• No food will be allowed past the security check point, apart from for those who need it for medical reasons.
• Food and drinks will be on sale past the check points will be available to buy until 8am.
• No lighters, matches or other lighting equipment will be allowed.
• Weapons or sharp objects are not allowed, especially long umbrellas.
• Fireworks and other pyrotechnics will not be allowed inside.
• There will be no bottles, jugs, cups, or cans of any kind permitted.
• Small flags and banners that are not flammable are allowed.
• But no banners, signs, symbols or leaflets with any offensive messages will not be allowed in.
• No animals at all are permitted.
• There will be nom promotional or commercial materials allowed.
• Any unwieldy items (larger than 25cmx25cmx25cm) will not be allowed in.
• No laser pointers will be allowed in.
• Spray cans, corrosive and flammable substances will not be allowed in.
• Large quantities of paper, rolls, balloons, or confetti are not allowed.
• Video cameras or sound and recording equipment, except for personal use, will not be allowed.
• Vuvuzelas, megaphones, hooters or horns that produce an excessive volume of noise will not be allowed in.

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