New Dhs500 fines for failing to stop at a pedestrian crossing

New radar devices installed near schools

New Dhs500 fines for failing to stop at a pedestrian crossing

The roads of Abu Dhabi are due to get a lot more safe for pedestrians.

New radars are being installed at pedestrian crossings and near schools to catch drivers who flout the laws.

Anyone who fails to give priority to members of the public trying to cross will receive six black points and a Dhs500 fine.

The crossings are being monitored by "Hather" devices, which rely on artificial intelligence.

Each device contains two screens, one for oncoming vehicles and the other for pedestrians, as well as two cameras, one to scan the license plates and one to record what's happening.

Trials are almost finished for the devices, after which they will start to be installed around the emirate.

Abu Dhabi Police has also announced three more fines.

Drivers who stop and park their car on a pedestrian crossing with be fined Dhs500.

A Dhs400 fines will be handed out to those who stop in a way that endangers people crossing the road, and for parking on the pavement.

More projects are in the pipeline to build more pedestrian bridges and tunnels in the capital, as recent studies say the majority of accidents happen when cars fail to give priority to pedestrians.
People are also being reminded to cross roads at designated crossings.

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