Abu Dhabi speed limits to reduce in bad weather

Officials hope to improve safety on the capital's roads

Abu Dhabi speed limits to reduce in bad weather

Speed limits on Abu Dhabi’s roads could soon be reduced when there’s bad weather, officials revealed.

Plans are in motion to restrict drivers’ speeds when the capital suffers adverse conditions such as heavy fog.

It will see the limit reduced to 80kmph when visibility has dropped to less than 200 metres.

Transport chiefs hope it will reduce the amount of crashes caused here by tailgating.

The Department of Transport-Abu Dhabi (DoT) said in a statement: “The modified speeds on the roads are determined according to the traffic safety during adverse weather.

“The modified speeds are identified on the smart towers installed on Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Street (Abu Dhabi - Dubai) and Sheikh Khalifa Street (Al Saadiyat).

“All vehicles should follow the announced speed limits until the visibility is clear and return to the regular speed limit signs.”

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Where roads don’t have smart towers, a fixed speed sign with a traffic light will be installed.

The Traffic Safety Committee is keen to make the most of the latest technology to ensure the safety of the capital’s roads.

They advise drivers to keep a decent distance from the car in front to maximise reaction times.

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