UAE tourists can claim back VAT on purchases made here

The money-saving scheme will be introduced on November 18

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UAE officials have introduced a new initiative which has the potential to save tourists a lot of money.

From November 18, visitors to the country will be able to claim back any Value Added Tax (VAT) they have spent on goods while here.

It comes after the UAE introduced five percent VAT on certain goods and services in January.

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) said the first phase will see the digital system implemented at Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah International Airports.

Tourists will then be able to claim tax refunds on invoices issued from November 18.

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Some 4,000 shops and retail outlets across the UAE will be connected electronically to the system, making the process relatively straightforward for consumers.

These outlets will display posters and signs to make it clear to shoppers which shops are eligible.

The UAE government hopes the move will reinforce the country’s position as a major player on the global tourism market.

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