Three-week grace period for new Abu Dhabi parking laws

Residents will have a bit of time to get used to the changes

Three-week grace period for new Abu Dhabi parking laws
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Motorists in Abu Dhabi will get a three-week grace period to get used to changes in parking laws.

A new scheme will see paid parking introduced to large swathes of the capital.

It means all residents who own vehicles on Abu Dhabi Island will need to pay for parking spaces.

It is due to take effect from August 18, but motorists violating the new laws for the first three weeks will not be fined.

The new scheme will be rolled out across 42 areas, including Maqta bridge, Sheikh Zayed bridge, Mussaffah bridge and the Corniche.

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And the scheme will see more than 26,000 new parking slots created throughout the UAE capital.

Khamis Al Dahmani, head of Mawaqif team at the Department of Transport said: "All people should be aware of the implementation of the paid parking scheme in all sectors of Abu Dhabi Island except the embassy area, starting from August 18.

"Residents and all vehicle owners should apply for parking permits before the implementation date so that they can park freely and avoid fines.

"The department is keen on organising parking spaces more efficiently, ensuring smooth traffic flow, eliminating random parking and improving road safety.

“We also want to create more parking spaces to save residents from spending much time looking for parking."

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