Careem launches kids service in Abu Dhabi

Safety-boosting Careem Kids initiative rolled out

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Ride hailing app Careem is driving up safety after launching its special kids service in Abu Dhabi.

Careem Kids, which is already up and running over the road in Dubai, provides a dedicated car option for passengers travelling through the emirate with young children.

Each vehicle in the Careem Kids fleet comes equipped with a universal car seat that can carry a child of up to 30kg in weight.

Each Captain on the service is hand-picked and trained on how to safely install and alter the size of the seat.

Careem worked closely with car seat makers Maxi Cosi to selected seats that will provide the optimum amount of safety and comfort for little ones on board.

Maxi Cosi provided training and guidance to the Careem Captains on how to best install, adjust sizing and maintain the seats.

In response to new traffic regulations earlier this month, Careem issued statements to their customers and Captains advising them that no child under the age of four years would be able to travel without a seat in the future.

Parents were advised that Careem Kids can cater for one child under four years and that any additional seats needed should be provided by the passenger. The Captains were asked to enforce the new regulations with immediate effect.

The new service will be a boost to parents after it was recently revealed that just 150 taxis in the city have provisions for car seats.

Bassel Al Nahlaoui, General Manager of Careem, UAE, said: “We fully support all new regulations and initiatives that will help keep our little ones safer on the roads. Careem Kids has been a very well received service in Dubai for the past three years and it’s great to be able to offer it to our Abu Dhabi customers.

“Our partners at Maxi Cosi have provided invaluable insights and training on best practices for installing and altering child seats and it’s great to have such a trusted company on board with us. We look forward to increasing the fleet as we test the appetite for the new service in the capital.”

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