Here’s why your UAE phone says Zayed Humanitarian Day

Remembering the founding father’s work

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People in Abu Dhabi might have noticed their mobile phone says Zayed Humanitarian Day this morning (June 4).

That’s because it’s the 19th day of Ramadan, a day celebrated in memory of the late Sheikh Zayed’s philanthropy and humanitarian work.

The 19th say of Ramadan coincided with the day Shaikh Zayed died, on November 2, 2004.

Since then, the UAE has commemorated that day with the Zayed Humanitarian Day, now in it’s 14th year.

As this year it ties in with the Year of Zayed, to mark 100 years since his birth, it is even more special.

Sheikh Zayed's charitable work went beyond religious and geographical boundaries and the day reinforced the values and principles he embodied.

His legacy lives on in the aid donations the UAE makes, and the culture of giving in the country, which is none more apparent than during Ramadan.

As well as today, and the Year of Zayed, The Founder’s Memorial was opened earlier this year, adding to the monuments and achievements that carry the leader’s name.

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