Drones to monitor traffic on Abu Dhabi roads

Fight against road crime takes to the skies

The Knowledge

Transport bosses will soon have eyes in the sky in Abu Dhabi after announcing the launch of hi-tech drones to clamp down on traffic offenders.

The Department of Transport unveiled the enterprising project, which will see unmanned aerial vehicles deployed to monitor traffic in the city, at the Gitex Technology Week Exhibition in Dubai.

The initiative, called Al Gernas (named after the Peregrine Falcon), will provide a forward-thinking approach to collecting real-time transport and traffic data.

Al Gernas will have the capability to count the number of vehicles at the intersection to analyse traffic movement and will also be able to electronically read the number plates of illegally parked vehicles or expired paid parking periods and issue penalty notices automatically via a link with the central parking management system, as well as observing vehicles driving on bus only lanes and monitoring public and school buses.

Control Centers will be able to send UAVs to capture accidents and collect the data required in a timely manner using thermographic cameras that are capable of working efficiently in low visibility and during bad weather conditions.

Al Gernas can broadcast live data to the management centers about the traffic conditions. The system is equipped with thermographic cameras and a wireless device to communicate with the operation room at the Intelligent Transport Systems Management Center.

It is not yet known when the state-of-the-art traffic enforcement system will be brought into force.

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