Ten podcasts to download this summer

Football ramblings, political insight, musical musings and more

The Knowledge

1. 2 Dope Queens

Two New York City comedians, Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams, swap stories about life and relationships, dissect pop culture and interview comedic guests. The show is recorded live in Brooklyn each week and the buzz they create makes you feel a part of the pair's energetic rantings. www.wnyc.org/shows/dopequeens.

2. 99% invisible

A lot of thought goes into the things all around us that we hardly notice. This podcast looks at the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world, from revolving doors to football shirts. If there was ever something to help you appreciate the effort that goes into coming up with even the smallest items that we take for granted, this is it.  www.99percentinvisible.org.

3. Athletico Mince

Two men (celebrated British comedian Bob Mortimer and journalist-turned-internet funnyman Andy Dawson) started this podcast to talk about their love of football. Pretty soon it evolved into a surrealist show filled with tales of former England boss Steve McLaren and his pet snake Casper, Match of the Day pundit Mark Lawrenson and his burgeoning friendship with Robson Green and more nonsensical games and songs. The podcast’s success has seen the pair take it on tour throughout the UK and release a book based on their ramblings. www.athleticomince.com.

4. Kerning Cultures

Develop your understanding of this complex region this summer with a local podcast. It’s run from Dubai and the US and dissects the complex narratives of people in the Middle East, their stories, culture and history, as well as looking at current affairs and local science. www.kerningcultures.com.

5. No Such Thing as a Fish

The writers of the BBC comedy panel show QI bring listeners a selection of the most interesting, random things they’ve learned that week. If you’re a bit of a nerd and like to talk nonsense with friends in the pub then this is one for you. Similarly, if you like to bore people around you at work, this will help you out.

6. npr’s All Songs Considered

The US radio station is a great source of inspiration for music fans, with plenty of shows and podcasts available to choose from, including those talkng about new releases to mixes of recently-released tracks. With All Songs Considered, the presenters choose tracks that are a few steps away from the mainstream.
One for the music nerds out there. www.npr.org/sections/allsongs.

7. Revisionist History

This show returned for its second season this month and it involves Malcolm Gladwell doing what he does – looking back and interpreting at the past. He examines moments in history, but with a difference. There is a look at genius through the song Hallelujah, and at when satire has achieved its opposite intent. www.revisionisthistory.com.

8. S-Town

If you missed it, S-Town quickly became a megahit when it was released this spring. The much-anticipated new series from This American Life – the producers of the world’s most successful podcast, Serial – is a mystery about a man in a rural Alabama town. But it soon turns into many mysteries. www.stownpodcast.org.

9. Song Exploder

Another one for music fans. Musicians take one of their songs and dissect it. We get to hear how their works of art were created, where the inspiration came from and what they’re all about. A fascinating insight into the working mind of an artist. www.songexploder.net.

10. The Bugle

A long-running news podcast by John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman, although Oliver’s appearances are likely to be sporadic this season due to his new role as America’s satirist-in-chief. It includes bulletin segments and comic rants. If you’ve never listened, it’s been running since 2007 and is an institution. www.thebuglepodcast.com.

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