The story of Dory

The Finding Nemo sequel picks up where the much-loved original ended

Sequels, so the logic goes, are unimaginative cash-ins and an attempt to squeeze ever-decreasing pleasure out of a previously loved title. Did we really need 13 The Land Before Time sequels? No, of course we didn’t.

Movie studio Pixar, however, defies the trend for increasingly poor offshoots and the tired rehashing of familiar stories. It has ditched the “no sequels” mantra that used to be the proud motto of originality-loving animators and directors, but Toy Story spin-offs and follow-ups to Cars and Monsters Inc. are acclaimed in their own right.

So it is with excitement and not trepidation that film fans await the follow-up to one of Pixar’s best-loved films.

Finding Nemo’s popularity is clear. It is already said to be the best-selling DVD of all time, it was an Oscar winner and still, 13 years after first hitting screens, it is still a favourite for young children (and big kids). No surprise then that Finding Dory is tipped to generate billion-dollar box office receipts and be a contender for the Oscars again.

It’s set just six months after the events of the original, but this time the focus is on Dory.

Voiced once again by Ellen DeGeneres as a forgetful regal blue tang fish, the story is another ocean-crossing adventure as she tries to piece together long dormant memories about her own family.

Albert Brooks returns as Nemo’s father, Marlin, along with Nemo, now played by newcomer Hayden Rolence (his predecessor’s voice having long since broken), and they follow Dory on her travels to the Monterey Marine Life Institute in search of her parents.

Diane Keaton, Idris Elba and Willem Dafoe join the cast, too.

In the hands of Pixar, this could be that rare thing: a sequel up there with the likes of The Empire Strikes Back and The Godfather Part II. Don’t forget to dive in.
Finding Dory is released on June 16 in UAE cinemas.

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