Your Christmas wishlist

Time Out readers tell us what they want for Christmas this year

Your Christmas wishlist

Peace and harmony around the world
Brenda Courtnell

A lie in and a cup of tea in bed please!
Kirsty Radley

For the children of Syria to have an extra blanket on their bed this Christmas and that they find sanctuary.
Penny Brown

Just one full day where my two year old doesn’t throw himself on the floor in a tantrum!
Sabina Goranova

To be honest... more time with my kids.
Ramitha Liddington

The kids’ school fees paid!
Helen Deiki

To experience the Christmas I had as a child. Full of excitement, anticipation and the thrill of wondering if the man in red would arrive or not...
Sam Balfour

For my friend to get pregnant.
Michelle Lewis-Smith

Good health for myself and everyone I know.
Justine Serena Page

I wish for a little piece of back home this Christmas. I miss late night shopping, wrapping up cosy, hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream and mince pies!
Louise Alexander Shaw-Jones

To see my girls happy and smiling on Christmas Day!
Laura Martin

An actual whole night’s sleep.
Rachel Joensen

All I want for Christmas is for my five-year-old daughter’s legs to get stronger so she can start walking.
Paula Foley

Bisra Babelli

I want a spa day and my daughter wants to see her grandparents.
Lara May Owgan

On a serious note, a cure for cancer and fewer shootings in the USA. On a fun note, more rainy days and a Prada handbag!
Gina Positano

To enjoy my soon-to-be two-year-old’s last Christmas as an only child and not have it gate-crashed by the early arrival of baby girl #2 (which if she arrives three weeks early like her big brother did, could very well happen!
Kate Bacon

For my husband to do the night feeds for a week!
Avigail Burlumi

To be with my grandparents, enjoying a traditional Christmas dinner and rubbish karaoke for afters like I did when I was little.
Holly Bennie

To enjoy my Christmas dinner rather than have to give birth as per my really inconvenient due date!
Ally Lamb

Someone else to wash up after Christmas dinner.
Paula McLean

A proper traditional Christmas with family all around my toddler...and my great uncle in his chair falling asleep... priceless things that money cannot buy.
Leanne Mead

All I want for Christmas is for my mum to be around for the next Christmas.
Lisa Bowry

To be able to bring my son’s grandparents over to celebrate. He misses them so much.
Lesley Lewis

To be able to sleep past 6am on weekends without the kids waking me up for breakfast!
Tess Pereira

An Yves Saint Laurent handbag.
Gillian Rae

A new job!
Emily Glynn

12 hours of uninterrupted sleep!
Georgie Littlewood

A long lie-in, breakfast in bed and possibly a massage, then an adventure to a waterpark with my family. My little boy (three) wants a dinosaur and a crocodile.
Georgina Caroline

Kerri Holmes

What the kids are wishing for this Christmas

‘I really want a new Elsa dress as mine is too small now. And a pink yo-yo. And a puzzle that is not too hard with princesses on it.’

‘I want a really soft Minnie Mouse that I can have in my bed. And a pet hamster like my big cousin has.’

‘I want Father Christmas to bring me a magic wand that does real magic with real fairy dust in it. And a pair of clippy-cloppy shoes like mummy has.’

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