Three awesome books for kids in the UAE

Hot reads for little bookworms

Three awesome books for kids in the UAE

Kids love reading? Here are some cool recommendations for UAE kids of different ages.


Dear Zoo

Author: Rod Campbell.
Best for: Ages two and over.

What it’s about: A child writes to the zoo for a pet. The zoo send a series of unsuitable pets, revealed behind flaps in the form of crates and packing cases. These animals are all sent back for different reasons, except the last one which is perfect. Dear Zoo is 25 years old and is still as popular as ever.

The four-year-old’s review: My granny and grandpa have this book in their house in London and they always read it to me when I am there so it reminds me of them. It has fun flaps you can lift up. I’d like a pet tiger, I think that would be fun – as long as he didn’t eat me.

The Dinky Dog

Author: Craig Smith.
Best for: Ages three to six.

What it’s about: The laugh-out-loud follow-up to the viral sensation The Wonky Donkey is finally here. The Wonky Donkey has a daughter in this hilarious picture book sequel to the runaway hit. Wonky Donkey had a child, it was a little girl. Hee Haw.

The six-year-old’s review: I like rhyming books, and this one is really funny. When mummy reads me and my sister the story, we get to shout out Hee Haw in the right bits on lots of the pages.


Author: Nicola Skinner.
Best for: Ages ten and over.

What it’s about: Sorrel Fallowfield is so good at being good that teachers come to her when they need help remembering the school rules – and there are LOTS.

Luckily, Sorrel doesn’t have any trouble following them, until the day she discovers a faded packet of Surprising Seeds buried under a tree in her backyard.

Now she’s hearing voices, seeing things, experiencing an almost unstoppable urge to plant the Seeds in some very unusual places… and completely failing to win her school’s competition to find The Most Obedient Child of the School. And all that’s before flowers start growing out of her head…

The eleven-year-old’s review: I love the writing style, it just flows really well. I just couldn't stop reading it because I had to know what would happen to the seeds, and to find out how it would all end. I would definitely recommend it, it’s a fun book about magic, friendship, and nature, oh and with a couple of baddies thrown in, too.
All available at Bookworm, The Meadows, Dubai, or online at

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