Three top books for kids in the UAE

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Three top books for kids in the UAE


Author: Maitha Al Khayat.
Best for: Kids age three and above.
The parent point of view
This book by Emirati author Maitha Al Khayat invites us to capture the spirit of Ramadan and is available in both Arabic and English. Maitha dedicates her lovely book as follows: “To Ramadan, the month of Love.

To the ones I love, and the things we love doing in this beloved month.....”.

What the four-year-old says
We are learning all about Ramadan and fasting in school so my teacher said we should read this book with our mummies. I like the pictures, they are very cute and it helped me to understand what Ramadan is and why it is so important. It is nice to think
about other people and to do nice things for them.


Author: Ahmed Al Shoaib.
Best for: Kids age six and above.
The parent point of view
Author and academic Dr. Ahmed Al Shoaibi is passionate about keeping local culture alive and building self-confidence in children. In this book 10 year old Hamad, an Emirati boy, goes on a journey of discovery both of his heritage and surroundings. He learns valuable lessons about himself along the way and the true meaning of Eid becomes apparent.

What the six-year-old says
Eid is fun because we have a holiday from school! But in this book I found out more than it just being a holiday. I learned all about the celebrations and why Ramadan is such an important time of year for Muslims. It’s really interesting, especially as we live in the UAE. It’s important to know about other cultures and festivals.


Author: Liliane van der Hoeven.
Best for: Kids age nine and above.
The parent point of view
This non-fiction book promises to unlock the story of a city and its culture and does not leave the reader disappointed. Would you like to know the answer to questions such as: Where can you find snow in Dubai? What was pearl diving like? How do camels survive in the desert? Here you can find out about Emirati culture, its plants and animals, thrilling attractions and much more.

What the 11-year-old says
I have lived in Dubai for three years now, but my mummy grew up here. It was really lovely to read all about the history of the UAE in a way that didn’t feel like I was having a lesson. We have been taught all about pearl diving at school and I’ve been to Ski Dubai so it was fun to know that I knew all of the places the author talks about in the book.

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