Eight ways to help kids in the UAE establish a distance learning routine

Expert advice on the importance of a daily schedule

Eight ways to help kids in the UAE establish a distance learning routine

Distance learning is in full swing across the UAE, and with it set to continue until the end of the academic year, it's imperative that kids have a daily routine to help them get their work done (and to reduce stress levels for parents).

Zeina Mouganie, secondary school counsellor at Dunecrest American School, explains that making a plan and adjusting your child's studying may help them get a stronger sense of control over the varying tasks

Here are eight top tips that Mouganie says will help to remind kids how they can maintain a balanced study schedule during e-learning.

1. Get dressed. A shower first thing helps you feel energised and ready to tackle the day. Fresh clothes will also get you into the mindset ready to learn.

2. Create a suitable workspace. Create a comfortable and controlled workspace with minimal distractions. Ensure this space is organised and appropriate for video calls with teachers and classmates.

3. Establish a routine. If you already have a pre-school, morning routine (i.e., breakfast, gym, and shower), keep it going. If you cannot do everything you used to, try to make small adjustments so that it is as similar as possible. This will help you get into a study mindset for on-line learning.

4. Turn off distractions. Turn off the phone and webcam (if not needed). Consider website blockers so you are not tempted to surf the internet. Do not be lulled into the idea that you are multi-tasking. You are losing focus, which will prolong the amount of time it takes to complete tasks, will increase the number of mistakes and will hinder your recall later.

5. Create a schedule. Find a way to track daily tasks and plan long-term assignments. You can use colour-coded paper or on-line systems by week or month. You can also set reminders.

6. Take breaks. Focus for 30 to 50 minutes and then take a five to ten minute break. Set reminders so you do not need to keep checking your phone. Also be sure to schedule time for exercise and self-care.

7. Make the most of video lectures. Stick to allotted time slots for your classes. This will help you avoid falling behind. Close all distracting tabs. Take notes as if you were having an in-class lecture.

8. Working in groups. E-meet regularly to check in and make sure everyone is on track. Keep to your agreed schedule so you do not throw the project off track. Use shared documents for notes and planning.
When online learning is over, connect with family and friends and have a laugh. Remember, this is temporary.

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