Four cool recipes for kids to try at home in the UAE

Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort provides some creative inspiration for families

Four cool recipes for kids to try at home in the UAE

Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort has shared three colourful recipes that the kids can try for themselves at home in the UAE.

Plus get them to make their own hand soap.

Budding chefs can whip up these tasty, pretty treats in their own kitchens, perhaps with a little bit of help from mum and dad.

Berries and mango infused water

Handful of berries
Half a mango
Drinking water
A jug and glasses to serve

1. Let the kids choose their favourite berries – strawberries, blueberries, raspberries.

2. Cut up the berries and the mango into bite-sized pieces.

3. Drop all of the ingredients in a jug with ice cold and place it in the fridge for a couple of hours before serving.

Rainbow bread

5 tbsp milk
5 bowls
5 varieties of food colouring
A paintbrush

1. Pour 1tbsp of milk into each bowl.

2. Add food colouring to each bowl and mix with the milk.

3. Get the kids to paint a rainbow on the bread, or they can paint a picture of their choice.

4. They can eat the bread cold, or toast it and slather on some butter. Pretty.

Oreo popcorn

Packet of Oreo biscuits
Plain popcorn

1. Separate the biscuit from the cream filling of the Oreo biscuits.

2. Crush the biscuits in a bowl.

3. Add some milk to the Oreo cream and stir to make a thick syrup.

4. Pop the popcorn according to the packet directions.

5. Pour the cream and milk syrup over the popcorn and mix together before sprinkling the crushed Orea biscuits on top. Movie night sorted.

Jelly soap (This isn't for eating, it's just for fun!)

Hand sanitizer or aromatic oil

1. Mix a small amount of hand wash and gelatin together and add a drop of hand sanitizer or aromatic oil.

2. Pour the mixture into ice moulds and leave to set.

3. Kids can then use them to wash their hands.

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