Top beauty tips for pregnant ladies in the UAE

Your beauty questions answered

Top beauty tips for pregnant ladies in the UAE

How can I stop stretch marks?
Rebecca Treston, founder and manager at Rebecca Treston Aesthetics, Euromed Clinic Dubai, says: “In this case, as with other beauty concerns, prevention is better than cure. I’m only five foot, and was very large during pregnancy with both of my children. I suspected that stretch marks might be a potential problem, so prior to getting pregnant I embarked on a regime of radiofrequency treatments. During both pregnancies I did dry body brushing and used Bio Oil and vitamin E to enhance skin elasticity, too. It worked and I credit the preventative treatments for the lack of stretch marks.”

Can I colour my hair?
Jordan Robertson, senior stylist at Pastels Salon The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai, says: “We recommend waiting until the first trimester
is over before colouring your hair, and even after that we would advise using ammonia-free colour. It is important, however, that you speak to your doctor before having a colour treatment to make sure it is safe for you.”

How can I stop my hair falling out?
Robertson adds: “This is a very common from women complaint not just in Dubai, and there is no need to worry about it. Hair fall is reduced during pregnancy for many and so post-pregnancy it is normal for the hair to come out, as hormones are returning to normal. I would recommend that you start using Kerastase Aminixil, which is a 45-day course, as it will help minimise the fallout. After finishing the Aminixil, use Kerastase Densifique for three months as this will help the hair to grow.”

Can I still get my nail extensions done?
Raquel Viñas, nail technician at Pastels Salon Jumeirah, says: “Yes, you can still have them done, but if you have a heightened sense of smell during pregnancy which makes you feel ill, we would not advise having acrylic, as even in a well-ventilated room the fumes can have a strong smell.”

How will my nails be affected by pregnancy?
Viñas adds: “This can differ depending on the individual. Some women find no change at all to their nails during pregnancy, while others find that their nails split and break more easily. Like the changes in hair, nail changes aren’t permanent, however.”

Can I have a massage?
Edwige Ganin, Pastels Salon Jumeirah, says: “As long as as a pregnant lady you have been given the all-clear by your doctor then you can have a massage after four months, but inform your therapist you’re pregnant. It is also best to avoid essential oils.”

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