How to keep fit during pregnancy in the UAE

Tips on exercising safely for mums-to-be

How to keep fit during pregnancy in the UAE

Kayleigh Dawson, centre manager at Speedflex Dubai, tells it how it is.

Is swimming safe with all the chlorine in the pool?
Yes, swimming is a low impact sport which means there will be little to no weight bearing on your joints, as in the water you weigh just a tenth of what you do on land. If you’re worried about the chlorine being harmful to your baby, don’t be – it is absolutely fine and if you are unsure whether to work out just consult your doctor first. Avoid hot tubs, however.

Can I still exercise?
If you have been active all your life you can still do the same exercises as normal, but consult your doctor first. Exercise is not dangerous for your baby, but you have to ensure you feel comfortable, and stick with low-impact steady cardio.

What exercise should I do?
You can do whatever you want – swimming, water aerobics, walking, yoga, Pilates, biking. If you have been running regularly before you get pregnant then you can keep going until you’re too big to run. However, once you reach a certain point in pregnancy reduce weight-bearing activity, try not to bounce too much or jump up and down. If you’re worried about what to do, just go for a walk, either inside or outside. If you’re in a gym on a treadmill you can work on different inclines and pace to mix it up. Whatever exercise you do decide to do, check with your doctor first, listen to your body, stay hydrated and refuel properly.

How often should I exercise?
As long as your doctor says it is okay, you can do 30 minutes a day.

What if I have morning sickness?
You can do some form of workout to balance the hormones, and eat little and often to ease the sickness. Eat proteinrich food, get plenty of rest and, most importantly, drink lots of water.

What can I do to get better sleep?
Try getting a big pillow to make it more comfortable to sleep on your side. Keep moving during the day by doing some light
exercise and eat well, making sure you have small, mindful meals. Don’t drink too much water before bedtime, to avoid
having to get up several times in the night. Getting into a routine really helps, too.

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