Kidzania opens in Abu Dhabi for the first time

Children can play make-believe and get grown-up jobs

Kidzania opens in Abu Dhabi for the first time

We remember the good old days when we had no responsibilities, bills to pay or general stress and we could play ‘house’.

There’s just something fun about pretending to be a doctor, a fireman, a chef or a builder.

Offering children a chance to make pretend and have great fun, a new entertainment centre has opened on Yas Island.

KidZania offers kids in the capital the chance to role-play more than 40 professions – and we’re a little bit jealous.

Located at Yas Mall, the new 55,000 sq ft space is a scaled down replica of a bustling city with loads of role-playing of real-life professions offered for little ones.

Kids can become surgeons, firefighters, chefs, police officers, builders, models, actors, artists, radio hosts and more. 

Open to children between one and 16, the indoor entertainment zone promises to be a fun place to enjoy some child-like fun as the summer sun shines hot and bright outside.

There might not be the opportunity for children to pretend to be journalists like us, but that's probably for the best.

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