Where (caviar) dreams are made

There is no other nation in the world better known for its high end offerings and ability to one-up everyone else than the UAE

Where (caviar) dreams are made

There is no other nation in the world better known for its high end offerings and ability to one-up everyone else than the UAE. From police driving Lamborghinis to gold bardispensing machines, nowhere does the word opulence have so much resonance.

But now The St. Regis Abu Dhabi has just gone and one-upped everyone in a single, caviar dolloped scoop. Were you stuck wondering what to get your multi-millionaire best pal for Christmas? Well, fear no more! Did you have Dhs40,000 burning a hole in your pocket?

Please, sir, step this way! The St. Regis’ Luxury Aficionado experience is something that even Simon Cowell – in fact, especially Simon Cowell, given how much he loves the word – would describe as “a journey”. Guests’ night begins with an exclusive Bentley escort, before the St. Regis bubbly ritual atop the hotel’s 255m high helipad, before an exclusive tasting of the hotel’s Private Collection Caviars, including Kaluga, Beluga and, the king of all caviars, ‘Almas’.

A designated caviar cognoscenti (which is a caviar expert, in case you were wondering) will guide guests through each of the caviar varieties. And then, as night falls, guests will retire to the rather-well-appointed 300 square metre Al Manhal Suite, with a discreet St. Regis butler thrown in. In the morning, it’s all in-room breakfasts, the Riviera Beach Club and then a scoot back home in that Bentley, with a parting gift of Beluga and a handcrafted mother of pearl spoon to keep you company.

So, do you have that Dhs400,000 knocking about? Do you have someone you need to impress? Or, are you actually Simon Cowell himself? If you are the latter, stop reading this and go and fix X-Factor cos it’s all gone a bit rubbish.
Otherwise, head to www.stregisabudhabi.com.

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