Abu Dhabi Motorsport Management launch YAS HEAT Esports team

Recruiting local talent for rising Esports stars in the UAE

Abu Dhabi Motorsport Management launch YAS HEAT Esports team

Whether it be virtual or real-life, if you have the need to speed, Abu Dhabi Motorsport Management might just be looking for you.

In partnership with Veloce Esports, the capital has launched an all-new YAS HEAT Esports team, all to inspire and develop the next generation of virtual racing superstars, along with competing in global Esport series in Gran Turismo, Forza and Assetto Corsa.

YAS HEAT Esports has launched with a team with four talented and notable sim-racers, including Jaroslav Honzik, Eamon Murphy, Andrea Capoccia and Simone Fedele, but it is also introducing an open trials initiative for top racing talent.

The project aims to identify local sim-racing talent, with regional trials taking place over three stages during the next 12 months.

Starting with the application process, candidates will navigate through multiple-discipline sim-racing assessments, media and aptitude tests as well as participating in challenges with members of the team’s pro driver squad.

Finally, a panel with YAS HEAT team management, ambassadors and pro drivers will select the final five applicants who will form the official development academy.

For the established team, they are first set appear in the inaugural season of the V10 R-League, part of the Global Racing Series, competing against motorsport powerhouses such as Williams Esports, BWT Racing Point Esports Team, Ford (Fordzilla) and JAESA TEAM SUZUKI.

“The YAS HEAT Esports team is the start of a multiyear programme and commitment to develop a globally successful virtual racing ecosystem for Abu Dhabi,” said principal of Yas Heat Saif Al-Noaimi.

“We are excited about the team competing in its first season in the Global Racing Series, the V10 R-league, Forza and Gran Turismo competition. The launch of the Open Trials will look to find the best racing talent in the UAE and the region. Yas Heat and Veloce will now work to develop next generation virtual racing champions to perform at the highest level."

Co-founder and chief strategy officer of Veloce Esports Jack Clarke added: “We are particularly excited to be developing and drafting talent from the region. With such a potent connection to fast cars and racing, we feel there is a lot of success to be had by harnessing the team’s Open Trials process to drive talent and professional Esports prospects.”

Think you have what it takes? Be sure to visit www.yasmarinacircuit.com/yas-heat for more information and get signed up.

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