UAE Tech news of the week: Riot Games’ huge gaming festival in Riyadh and more

AI Ebo makes a great pet for your pet

UAE Tech news of the week: Riot Games’ huge gaming festival in Riyadh and more

The future is looking bright for the world – for cats that is.

It’s not every day a pet can have their own pets to play with, even if it is AI-driven. But hey, we’re not saying no.

As for Sony, the future of its portable devices isn’t looking so bright. As much as we love the PSP and PS Vita, mobile gaming (and now the relatively new cloud gaming) and Nintendo Switch has taken over. But is the future stationary? Figures from Sony may help with that answer..

Along with the hugely successful League of Legends tournament in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, here’s a look at the week in tech and beyond.

Pet for your pet
Ever wondered what mischief your cat gets up to at home while you’re out? Or just concerned with its step count? Worry no more, as the pet-friendly AI Ebo has come to save you from these conundrums. Basically, it’s a robot that live-streams HD video of your pet straight to your phone and can even track your furry friend’s daily step count. Why not?

Stay stationary, Sony
It’s a sad time for the niche group of PlayStation and portable device enthusiats, as Sony has announced it is no longer interested in making portable gaming systems. Fair enough, seeing how its PS4 recently hit a milestone of outselling the original PlayStation to become the second bestselling version yet, behind the PS2.

A Riot of a time
Riot Games hosted one of its biggest gaming festivals for the first-time ever in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and it had a whopping prize pool of $2 million (Dhs7.35 million). With a competition all about League of Legends, known for its hugely competitive prize pools, that’s the biggest the region has ever seen when it comes to Esports. UAE next, perhaps?

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