Hang on to your hats, Ethan Hunt’s back, better and bolder than ever.

Review: A knockout film based on a brutal true story

A spread of special effects and youtful charm

The surprise superhero hit returns in style

Summer arrives early in the frenetic first chapter of Marvel’s cross-franchise concoction

A love story that may turn into a bit of a slog

Fantasy-Drama film directed by Anders Walter

Action-Thriller film directed by Jesper Ganslandt

Action film directed by Brett Donowho

Itchy, edgy experimental thriller

A barmy take on a cult video game

Even Nic Cage can’t save this one

A low-key, old-school political thriller

Adventure, Sci-Fi film directed by Steven Spielberg

Review: Fun for all the family

Explosions, muscles and a hint of a story

A semi-silent film sure to give us a few scares

While its mildly charming leads nearly make up for the dire plot holes, it’s hard to feel any emotions for their “tragic” love story

A violent but poetic drama that’s a must-watch


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