A remake of a hit French comedy-drama

A western starring Jessica Chestain

The pretty obvious follow-up to Unbreakable and Split

A slapstick take on Sherlock Holmes

A drab drama from director-star Clint Eastwood

A super tale about the twilight years of Laurel and Hardy

An updated version of the nanny that fixes everyone’s problems

It’s Deadpool 2 except rated PG13

A chilling thriller with a few twists

A low-budget crime-drama with John Travolta

A rom-com about a man looking to become complete

A unique Christmas zombie musical

An inspired true story based on writer  Charles Dickens

A much-needed reimagining for the Transformers franchise

Light comedy from director of 50 First Dates and Get Smart

Alfonso Cuarón’s heartfelt tribute to the women who raised him

The origin story of DC’s aquatic superhero

Yet another version of the classic tale


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