Brad and the city

The first look of Abu Dhabi-shot flick, starring Pitt, is aired

Over the years, dozens of superstar producers have cast their sights on our shores, to film their big-budget blockbusters. And it wasn’t that long ago when Hollywood heavyweight Brad Pitt and the remaining crew of the Netflix-backed film War Machine set up camp near Sultan Bin Zayed the First Street.

Well, now, 18 months later, we can see just what they were up to, as a teaser of the movie has just aired. And, while none of the initial scenes of the 46-second clip reveal the city’s streets, you will be able to recognise (in a blink-and-you-miss-it shot) a camouflage-clad Pitt marching through Abu Dhabi Airport. (Hint: freeze frame it at 0.27 seconds.) The Oscar-nominated actor plays General Glenn McMahon, a four-star general running the war in Afghanistan. The satirical comedy is based on late journalist Michael Hastings’ non-fiction bestseller The Operators.

Written and directed by Australian David Michôd, the film includes a stellar cast of actors who star alongside Pitt, such as Tilda Swinton, Sir Ben Kingsley, Anthony Michael Hall and Topher Grace.

The year has some great movies in store, but we cannot wait for this one. And it’s not just because it was filmed right on our doorstep, either (kind of).
War Machine premieres on Netflix on May 26.

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