A UAE cinema chain is offering phone- and talk-free screenings

Soon you'll be able to watch a film in peace in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

A UAE cinema chain is offering phone- and talk-free screenings

You might think it's a given - but enjoying a movie in the UAE without any interruptions is a rare thing. 

People talking, answering their phones, even bringing their little kids to adult films - we've all experienced it. 

Some of you reading this might even be guilty of it yourselves (we would never dare look at our mobiles, honest). 

Well, Vox Cinemas has launched a new ‘Distraction Free’ experience for cinemagoers who want to immerse themselves into a movie. 

The chain has announced certain film showings will not let latecomers enter, will demand everyone's phones are switched off and won't allow people to talk.

Vox says anyone found to be breaking the rules will be thrown out of the screening. We know, we can't wait to see it happen, either.

So far the Distraction Free screenings are only available at Mall of the Emirates in Dubai, but thhere are plans to roll them out to all the other branches.

Visit the website and look for the screenings labelled ‘Distraction Free’ and you’re on your way.

We'll see you at the film - we'll just nod. 

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