New platform offers unique classes for kids

Little ones bored of crunching numbers? Maybe they should give candle-carving a try instead

New platform offers unique classes for kids
New platform offers unique classes for kids Image #2

Sure, learning how to compose complex Excel formulas may come in handy at school, but have you ever thought of putting the kids’ name down for something a little bit more, well, creative (we’re putting it nicely here)?

“Besides the usual suspects for this season such as kite-surfing, sailing, horse riding and golf, we have some super-cool courses in the pipeline. For instance, dog training, soap-making, cheese-tasting, healthy grocery shopping, porcelain painting and thumbnail headshot sketching,” says Philip Tachas, co-founder and CEO of Skilldeer, a new platform for booking courses and workshops.

The customised e-commerce platform hand-picks and curates professional course providers in each category through a screening process, providing parents with access to a wide selection of educational opportunities for kids, and some they can sign up for themselves as well.

The website is divided into sections showcasing areas which may be of interest to kids and adults of different age groups, and there are learning opportunities for anyone and everyone. Mums, it’s not too late to learn how to mix henna, bake homemade bread or even create Japanese flower arrangements.

You can use filters to narrow down your search a bit, whether it’s by keyword, timings, dates, age or type. The website also features private classes, so no driving around in traffic is required.

“Our most popular courses and learning activities include art, cooking and watersports, plus crafting and DIY workshops as well as fashion, beauty and languages,” says Orkun Gedik, co-founder and COO of Skilldeer.

“We want to change the way people across the region spend their free time in a day and age where a lot of it is spent on frivolous social media browsing,” he adds.

Now that Christmas is almost here, you can even gift friends, family and the kids on the website – and you have more than 1000 lessons to choose from. You can also ask them to book you in.

“Some time ago, we were contacted by an elderly woman who had always dreamt of learning how to swim, but never signed up for lessons due to her fear of water,” says Tachas.

“We’ve helped her find a suitable swim instructor with whom she felt comfortable enough to start. After a couple of sessions, we received feedback that, not only had she learned how to swim, she was now comfortable doing so in the sea too.”

Looks like we’ll be logging on to find some sewing workshops for grandma.
“Thanks to its great weather, fabulous infrastructure and the ability to attract talent from all over the world, Dubai is rich in many hidden gems, though these aren’t always easy to find,” adds Tachas.

Interested in signing the kids up for painting-while-eating-burgers classes and can’t seem to find them? You can also tell the folks at Skilldeer and they’ll do their best to locate instructors who can teach whatever it is that you may be seeking.

Alternatively, if you know how to do something fabulous and would like to impart your wisdom upon future generations, you can get in touch with the platform and offer to give courses in that domain.

So there it is, Skilldeer partners with educational providers and instructors, digitises their schedules and lists their classes with a price advantage on the website. This makes it easier for you to search, find and enrol in suitable classes or activities based on their price, time, location or age requirements.

From magic classes by an illusionist to perfume-making sessions, the best way to describe Skilldeer would be that it’s the educational version of Airbnb – and doesn’t that sound like so much fun?
Prices vary. For more information, visit

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