Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2018

Your guide to all things Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2018, including the best parties, gigs, restaurants, things to do, where to stay and how to catch the action.
Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2018

It’s the sporting spectacle of the year and we had backstage access

The legendary rock star had to cut the concert short due to illness

The British ace sped to victory in the tenth edition of the city's big race

The Fresh Prince and the Formula One ace joined forces at Yas Marina Circuit

The rock icon was at Yas Marina Circuit ahead of his superstar gig

Important timings, the big race and which stars are playing where

A handy new booklet teaches kids all they need to know about motorsports

Organisers advice ticket holders to get to the gig early

Important timings, star shows and the best parties


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