New exhibition about Sheikh Zayed launches in Abu Dhabi

Sheikh Zayed and Europe is now on display at The Founder’s Memorial

New exhibition about Sheikh Zayed launches in Abu Dhabi
New exhibition about Sheikh Zayed launches in Abu Dhabi Image #2

The Founder’s Memorial is an impressive place for any visitor or Abu Dhabi resident to visit, but now there’s another reason to check out the monument.

An exhibition celebrating the legacy and leadership of Sheikh Zayed is on display at the site until January 31.

Sheikh Zayed and Europe: a Journey tells the story of the leader’s many local, regional and international accomplishments.

More than 16 Emirati and international organisations joined forces to create the exhibition, which is designed to highlight how Sheikh Zayed created a strong and strategic relationship between the UAE and Europe.

It also explores the importance he placed on issues such as tolerance, giving, coexistence, loyalty, patriotism and humanitarian work.

The display contains photographs, footage and some of Sheikh Zayed’s personal items (even his perfume and sunglasses).

It also includes objects from Europe, and artefacts documenting the cultural and historical exchange that took place between the UAE and Europe during his reign.

Rym Tina Ghazal, the curator of the exhibition said: “From the first European travellers to the area, to the first Emirati official delegation to Europe, and then the most recent links forged over shared values between the European Union and the UAE, the exhibition highlights Sheikh Zayed’s relationship with European nations and his legacy as a global figure.”

The exhibition is open to the public seven days a week from 9am to 10pm, with a number of workshops and talks running alongside it as well.

It’s free to enter and group tours can be arranged by calling 056 660 8583 or by emailing
Free. Until Jan 31 9am-10pm. The Founder’s Memorial, West Corniche, (02 410 0100).

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