Why you need to check out Warehouse 421 this January

There’s a whole month of events at the Mina Zayed art gallery

Why you need to check out Warehouse 421 this January

Warehouse 421’s 2019 programme started a couple of weeks ago when Mohamed Somji led a photography workshop around Mina Zayed. If you’re annoyed at having missed out on that, then the good news is it was just the opening of stellar line-up of new offerings this month.

On January 16 there’s a screening of Danish director Andreas Dalsgaard’s 2012 documentary Human Scale, which focusses on a 40-year study of human behaviour in cities. This will be screened alongside the ongoing Architecture of Loneliness exhibition, which also features some of Mohamed Somji’s photography.

If you prefer to be a little more hands-on, then head out to Masdar City this weekend (January 18-19) where a series of creative workshops are taking place. First up there’s The Art of Papermaking which will teach participants how to creatively reuse and recycle paper to create everything fromcards to scrapbooks, prints, drawings, paintings, books, and more.

As you might expect in Masdar City, the theme of sustainability is to the fore with the Art of Re(creation) class, where plastic takes the place of paper as the main material being used to create upcycled art. Lastly, if you want to create something from scratch, then instead check out the Material Casting class which uses perhaps the UAE’s most abundant resource for a creative purpose: sand.

Back at Warehouse 421 on January 23 there’s a double-bill of short Palestinian films – the drama Gaza by Her, followed by the affecting documentary Nalia and the Uprising. Both are available to see for free.

If you’re looking to get your young ones into reading, then on January 26 a new series, Khayal: Early Starters, will be taking place on the final Saturday of every month from now on. These will feature dynamic readings and activities designed to explore the themes of each chosen book. The first section will focus on local authors and titles before expanding to more globally successful books in later sessions.

Lastly, you may be old enough to draw deep from the reservoir of memory and recall that the abbreviation for magazine was historically mag. This is apparently no longer the case – now, to be down with the kids you should refer to them as ‘zines. Whatever you want to call them, 8 Fold Zine will arrive on 29 January will the aim of repurposing old mags and introducing adolescents to the world of publishing, eventually producing their own title, focussing on a specific topic. Perhaps easier done than said, this will be aimed at those keen on a themed teen zine.
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