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Paul Clifford
Editor-in-Chief, Time Out Abu Dhabi
Our Editor-in-Chief moved to the UAE in 2014 from the North East of England and fell in love with the country (it's a little bit warmer than home, after all). He loves exploring Abu Dhabi's old town, but his biggest loves are food and football, which usually means you can find him in a sports bar watching a match and eating a burger.

Harriet Shephard
Food Editor, Time Out Abu Dhabi
If you have a question about where to eat in Abu Dhabi, Harriet is your go-to person. She's also a golfing expert so whether it's the fairway or French fries, she'll have the answer. Another keep-fit fan (really, we need to with all the eating we do) Harriet maintains her zen by frequenting the capital's yoga spots on a weekly basis. 

Shaikh Saleh
Digital Content Lead, Time Out Abu Dhabi
Shaikh is a bundle of energy and positivity and the best person possible to bring you the best of Abu Dhabi through our vlogs. He's also the man for competitions, photo shoots and our Instagram page. Hit him up if you need help with any of the above. 

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