Win a Nucleum USC-C Hub by Kingston Technology

Having trouble connecting all your devices to your computer at the same time? This prize could be the perfect solution.
Win a Nucleum USC-C Hub by Kingston Technology
There’s nothing more exciting than getting a new gadget but as technology develops it seems the humble CD-ROM and our faithful USB slots are being phased out for sleeker and more slender tech.

If you’re like us and need to connect multiple devices at the same time then you could find yourself frustrated with each new technological development.

Thankfully there’s a way that you can keep all your devices connected at the same time meaning you don’t have to compromise and prioritise your workflow.

The Nucleum USB-C hub by Kingston Technology allows you to connect up to seven devices to your computer at the same time through a single USB slot.

The portable and easy to use device is ideal when working on the go and all you need to do is connect and you’re ready to go.
This competition has ended and no more entries are being accepted.
These are the winners:
  • Leofrancis Fae, United Arab Emirates

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