All-you-can-eat dinner at Rangoli

If you’re into curry, you’ll love every second of this feast

All-you-can-eat dinner at Rangoli

If there’s one thing we love more than a relaxed table-service brunch, it’s a relaxed table-service brunch of super Indian food.

We’ve banged on about how much we adore the Lazy Lunch at Tamba plenty of times, and we’re hoping to be just as bowled over by the all-you-can-eat deal at Rangoli, found in the Yas Island Rotana hotel.

First impressions are certainly promising, and the restaurant seems like a peaceful oasis of calm after passing by the busy all-day-dining area and rowdy Y Bar.

We’re seated in a huge booth decked out with dramatic red furnishings, and the brunch menu is just as grand as the seating.

The long list is presented to us on big boards, and we can order as many starters and mains as we like, before ending with a sharing-style platter of desserts.

The package options are explained to us, but our server misses out the house beverage option, mentioning only the premium version. We know it exists so make sure that’s what we get. It’s a bit of an awkward moment, but thankfully the only one of the meal. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, but be sure to keep an eye out if you check this deal out.

After a bit of a bumpy start, all the staff are very friendly and helpful, and each drink order arrives within a matter of seconds.

The starters are all delightful, but if we had to pick out a fault, we’d say that perhaps the palak patta chaat (deep-fried spinach leaves topped with chutney and yoghurt) are perhaps a bit overdone. However, it’s still a great dish, and we love the combination of savoury spinach with slightly sweet yoghurt and tamarind. It also goes well with the daal chat (a light and healthy mix of lentils and vegetables), lamb kebabs and fried fish.

Amongst these colourful and authentic dishes we also find an old favourite: the onion bhaji. These go down so well that we relent and order a couple more. Well, you can’t be sensible all the time can you?

The murgh malai tikka is also tremendous, featuring succulent pieces of chicken in creamy cashew and soft cheese marinade.

The main course options include eight different curries (including four vegetarian options) and four biryanis.

They all sound fantastic, and our server can see that we’re struggling to decide. So he encourages us to choose as many as we like, promising to bring out a little of each.

So soon we have bowls of butter chicken, kashmiri rogan josh, dal makhani and kadhai vegetable curry all lined up in front of us.

Each curry tastes amazing, with the creamy, buttery dal makhani and spicy rogan josh just making it as the favourites.

The vegetable version is a nice break from the heavier dishes, and our only comment is that the butter chicken could have done with a few more chunks of meat, but as we have far too much food as it is, it’s not exactly an issue.

Oh, and of course we have to throw in a fabulous vegetable biryani and warm butter naan, too (the latter is so good we somehow find room for another one).

The dessert platter is small in comparison to the mains. Which is a relief as we’re so stuffed we can only just manage a few bites of the ice creams and small Indian sweets.

The plates don’t smoke or sparkle as much as Tamba’s, but they do pack almost as much flavour. If you’re into your curries, then you’ll love every second of this magnificant feast.

As many Indian dishes as you can manage, served to the table

The super starter platter, quick service, and the best butter naan ever (possibly)

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