McGettigan’s Abu Dhabi is hosting a fancy dress School Disco brunch

Expect cheesy ‘80s and ‘90s tunes, silly games and fun prizes

McGettigan’s Abu Dhabi is hosting a fancy dress School Disco brunch

In a place as classy as Abu Dhabi, it’s not often we get to play fancy dress and act like teenagers for the night.

But at the School Disco brunch at McGettigan’s, that’s exactly what we’re all being encouraged to do.

Held on Friday August 30, the five-hour brunch will feature cheesy ‘80s and ‘90s tunes from the ‘Headmaster’ DJ.

There’ll be prizes distributed for the best school disco fancy dress, with guests encouraged to embrace trends of the ‘90s like hair gel, crimped hair, loads of glittery lipgloss and far too much Lynx and Impulse body spray.

Brunchers are also asked to prepare for several rendition so the Macarena and Whigfield's Saturday Night.

Lots more silly games will be played throughout the afternoon, too.

Packages are Dhs199 for free-flowing beverages and lots of tasty pub grub, and you can also carry on afterwards with unlimited house beverages from 6pm to 8pm for Dhs99.

We can’t wait to dig out our glow sticks.
Dhs199. Fri Aug 30. 1pm- 6pm. Al Raha Beach Hotel & Resort, Channel Street (02 652 4333).

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