McGettigan’s Abu Dhabi to hold halfway to Christmas brunch

The Irish pub loves an excuse to celebrate

McGettigan’s Abu Dhabi to hold halfway to Christmas brunch
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June might not be the most obviously time to celebrate Christmas (especially when it’s more than 40 degrees outside), but we have always liked to be a bit different here in Abu Dhabi.

McGettigan’s has decided to celebrate the fact that there’s only six months to go until the festive event by hosting a huge Christmas party brunch. And why not?

Roast turkey tastes superb all your round, and we could easily devour a mince pie or three right now.

Taking place on Friday June 21, the event will feature five hours of live entertainment, classic Christmas tunes, games and more.

There will also be festive beverages to try and a buffet feast featuring roast meats, Brussel sprouts (obviously), roast potatoes, parsnips and all your favourite festive dishes.

Packages cost Dhs199 per person including soft drinks.

Dhs199. Fri Jun 21, 1pm-6pm. Al Raha Beach Hotel and Resort, Channel Street (02 652 4333).

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