Friday Brunch at Nahaam

An international buffet brunch with complimentary pool access

Friday Brunch at Nahaam

DETAILS: Dhs375 (soft drinks), Dhs450 (house beverages), Dhs550 (bubbly). 12.30pm-4pm. Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, West Corniche (02 811 5666).

We’re now into the season when being outside is the best thing ever. So with an outdoor dining area and complimentary pool and beach access, we’re already enjoying Nahaam’s Friday brunch before we even start on the food.

After being seated and presented with a drink we do a quick lap of the stations to try and get our bearings.

Inside there’s cold seafood (including lobster and huge king crab legs), sushi, foie gras, salads, a huge amount of cheese and rows of incredible-looking desserts.

After reminding ourselves that we are meant to be adults and so shouldn’t just skip straight to pudding, we begin with the sushi spread, which has attracted quite a crowd.

The mix of maki rolls, nigiri and sashimi is freshly prepared and topped up throughout the afternoon. The tuna and salmon sashimi is particularly sensational and we end up going back for seconds before moving on.

Next, we’re drawn in by the wonderful display of colours at the poke station. The chef asks us what we’d like in our poke bowl and
of course we answer with a simple “everything, please”. So in goes salmon, seaweed, avocado, edamame beans, sweet potato, pumpkin, tomatoes and peanuts.

The combination ticks all the boxes and both tastes, and looks, delightful.

Outside we can’t resist the Mexican station that’s serving up quesadillas, tacos, nachos, fajitas and other classics filled with beef, chicken and vegetarian fillings.

We try a quesadilla, and although we feel like it could have been given a minute or two longer on the hot plate, we love the spicy flavours and the accompanying salsa, sour cream and guacamole.

After that we’re drawn to the chickens that are being barbecued with hop cans stuffed inside them. It looks quite alarming but we can’t deny that it tastes brilliant.

In fact all the meats are impressive. The steaks are delicious and can be further grilled to your liking on one of the many barbecues. Accompanied by the corn, sweet potatoes and roast potatoes and American-style beans, it’s a Texas-style feast.

The terrace is also home to schnitzels, barbecued seafood and burgers, while a huge vat of rissotto is brought around to the tables. Although it’s a bit bland for our liking, it’s nice to able to sample some things without having to move (brunching is a lazy affair, after all).

Many of our fellow diners are drinking from cafetières that we imagine don’t contain coffee. Intrigued, we ask our friendly server (who is wearing bright yellow shorts and a straw hat to add to the summer-holiday vibe), and discover that they contain different types of Spanish grape. .

We’ve managed to make sure there’s room to try an excessive number of desserts. The maple syrup and blueberry cheesecakes are creamy and beautifully decorated, while the red velvet cupcake is everything we dreamed it would be. The chocolate fondue comes in several different flavours (the chocolate orange one is practically life changing), and we can’t get over how great the huge slabs of homemade white chocolate and Oreo are.

We finish up with a coffee on the beach, and conclude that there are few better ways to spend a long afternoon.

An international buffet brunch with complimentary pool access

For the out-of-this-world dessert selection and the quirky barbecueing techniques. Oh, and the fact you can roll straight onto the beach afterwards

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