We need to talk about mindfulness

We speak to Inner Space Centre Abu Dhabi about the benefits of mindfulness and why it’s more important now than ever

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to stretch ourselves too thin and get overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done. So it’s essential to stop every now and then, readjust and take back control, or so says Sona Bahri.

Bahri, director of Inner Space Centre Abu Dhabi, teaches meditation and self-development. A lot of individuals come to her to learn the art of mindfulness, as well as companies, universities and schools.

“Mindfulness has been taking off in the western world for a few decades,” she says. “And though there has been a lot of economic growth in this part of the world, there sometimes can be little inner growth – growth of the mind.”

So, what is mindfulness? Bahri explains...

The fundamentals
“Mindfulness is being able to control your thoughts, whenever you want and for however long you want. It’s developing a sense of coping in order to be able to conquer everything you do. And while you can learn a number of techniques such as meditation and focused breathing, ultimately, it comes down to practicing it daily, so that it becomes a way of life.”

Why now?
According to Bahri, as the world constantly changes and evolves, we need to, too. And since it’s impossible to keep track of all the chaos that happens around us, all we can so is focus on what affects us. “As situations [around the world] get more unpredictable the only thing you can keep in control is yourself and your mind.”
She likens taking on the world every day to preparing for a boxing match: “If you’re going up against a strong opponent, you are going to do everything you can to make sure you get just as fit [as them] in order to do your best.”

The benefits
“Being mindful creates a cycle of positivity. If your thoughts are positive, your feelings are good. If your feelings are good then your outlook is good, too. And this, in turn, improves your health. It’s just that simple.”

ISC runs free courses that are open to all. Visit www.innerspacecentre.ae for more.

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