Bodytree Studio Abu Dhabi

Bodytree in Studio Abu Dhabi gives ballet, pilates and yoga a high fashion makeover

Lindsey Corrado-Samspn
Lindsey Corrado-Samspn
Angela Müller-Habig and Michelle Allstoun Image #2
Angela Müller-Habig and Michelle Allstoun
Danielle Stanners Image #3
Danielle Stanners
Marios Schwab dress (middle) Dhs2,260, Prabal Gurung dress (right) Dhs14,380 Image #4
Marios Schwab dress (middle) Dhs2,260, Prabal Gurung dress (right) Dhs14,380

Bodytree Studio gives ballet, pilates and yoga a high fashion makeover.

Never has it been so fashionable to be fit and healthy.

Bodytree studio has teamed up with The Luxury Arcade to highlight the beauty and power of their fitness instructors.

The team teach a host of strength and conditioning classes such from ballet to xTend barre (if pilates sculpts your body, xTend chisels it), yoga to Zumba.

The photographs, permanently exhibited in the lobby area of Bodytree, capture the grace and fluidity of Bodytree’s various fitness disciplines, and celebrating the transformative power of sport.
Xtend Barre, Dhs90; Pilates reformer Dhs120; Mat pilates, yoga, Zumba, adult ballet and belly dancing Dhs60. Bodytree Studio, Sheikh Hazza Bin Zayed St, Al Bateen,

Angela Müller-Habig, yoga and pilates instructor and Michelle Alistoun, yoga instructor
‘The shoot because gave us an opportunity to play with our shapes and what we were wearing as well as emphasise the grace and body control of yoga, and dance. We are currently enjoying high intensity training like our Bodytree Body class and combining yoga, pilates and cross fit moves to create a powerful workout.’
Peter Pilotto sweaters, Dhs1,580

Anissa Lickrish, instructor for ballet, xTend barre, BTB (Bodytree Body) and Zumba
‘I was approached to take part in the photo shoot and was so flattered I couldn’t refuse! I’m really into interval training with ballet style toning. I’m completely addicted to working out.’

Marilyne Wilkinson, ballet teacher
‘I took part in the fashion fitness shoot to share my passion for ballet. I believe that when grace, beauty, movements and emotions mix together they create something magical that inspires people to chase after their dreams. I believe ballet is in fashion because everyone is looking to achieve the fabulous, long and lean ballerina physique.’
Damir Doma dresses Dhs1,020

Rachael Graham, pilates teacher
‘Taking part in the shoot was all about having a bit of fun! Movement is our essence. Whatever you choose, move your body daily!’
House of Nomad crop Dhs620

Danielle Stanners, pilates instructor
‘To collaborate and experiment with different forms of movement from Dance, to Pilates, to Yoga. I really think that finally the focus is all about being fit over being “skinny”. Fitness should always be about being healthy and doing what is best for you.’
Steve J and Yoni P bustier Dhs240, Markus Lupfer sweatpants Dhs350

Lindsey Corrado-Sampson
Pilates and Xtend barre instructor
‘This is a great opportunity to showcase fashion and fitness in a unique way. The pilates chair is a real favourite of mine at the moment due to the strength, precision and dedication required.’
Peter Pilotto dress, Now Dhs3,770.
Open daily, Sat-Wed 10am-1pm, Thu-Fri 10am-11pm. The Luxury Arcade, World Trade Centre, (02 631 4667).

Long and lean address book

NYLA Method
From Allonge, to arabesque, to allegro – a programme of ballet-style extensions, jumps and squats engineered to create a lean, dancer’s physique and boost the metabolism in two weeks.
Dhs115 per class and Dhs550 for five classes. Open Wed and Sat, see website for class schedule. Saadiyat Beach Club and Ritz Carlton Abu Dhabi. Register at to sign up for your first complimentary class or call (04 321 2662).

The Room
Mysteriously named but nothing ambiguous about these super-effective classes spread across the balance, flow and cycling rooms. There’s a whole host of trimming, trendy options from yoga and pilates to spinning, tabata, Zumba and box fit.
Open daily, see website for class schedule. The Room, Zayed Sports City, (056 331 0310).

Hot House
‘Your body is a temple, keep it clean for your soul to reside in.’ How? Try bikram yoga at this huge and light-filled, rustic studio catering for 50 yogis to iron out the kinks and unfold the ballerina shape you’ve been looking for.
Open daily, see website for class schedule. Dhs180. Al Raha Beach

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