Bar review: A classy, trendy bar at one of Abu Dhabi's very best restaurants

Tamba Image #2

We’re spoiled for choice when it comes to cool nightspots with a view in this city. There are loads of beach bars, amazing terraces and fancy five star hotels where you can watch a sunset and take in the vistas.

Whatever night of the week it is you can try something different, and that’s one of the reasons we love it here.

One restaurant that has a fantastic bar is Tamba. The indoor area, with huge copper bells hanging from the ceiling, is lovely. Then there’s the terrace, which might not have the greatest of views (unless you love being in the middle of the cityscape) but does have a good atmosphere.

The food at Tamba has won plenty of Time Out awards, and on this visit the aromas from the tandoor are almost enough to make us take a seat at the bar itself and watch the expert mixologists at work.

However, with the weather still being perfect on our latest visit, we pull up a few seats on the terrace, overlooking Downtown Abu Dhabi.

No matter how many years you’ve lived in the city, it’s nice to watch people go about their business down below (especially if you’re doing so with a mixed drink in hand).

As always, the service is top notch here. Our server is friendly, efficient and knowledgeable and suggets a few mixed drinks based on our tastes. The personal touch is one of the things they do really well here.

All of the drinks we’re served are wonderfully crafted and the glasses never go dry thanks to the hands-on (but not overly pushy) staff who clearly enjoy seeing customers happy.

We also order some quinoa and corn bhajis which are a perfect compliment to our fruity concoctions, with their crisp texture and rich, spicy fragrance.

We love it here and we’re always impressed at how consistent it is. We hope Tamba continues doing what it does, serving top drinks and making superb food.


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