Stock Burger Co.

Bar review: A casual American burger joint with one of the best craft hops selections in Abu Dhabi

Stock Burger Co.
Stock Burger Co. Image #2

There are certain things that you expect from a good bar.

A great selection of drinks (obviously), a casual vibe, a good selection of bites and snacks and a welcoming atmosphere.

Hit all of those and you’re on to a winner, but finding the perfect balance between all of the components can be a challenge for some venues.

Some bars have the drinks and food but are a little grimey, others are all style and no substance, and there are plenty of places in between. So when you find a place that hits all your sweet spots, you stick with it.

While Stock Burger Co. isn’t just a bar, in fact, it’s a burger joint, the big bar is perhaps venue’s best feature. Certainly, the amount of craft hops on offer are one of the reasons we always come back.

On this visit we’re here midweek after a day at the office. Like many people, we’re looking forward to a couple of cold drinks before heading home.

It’s relatively quiet in the early evening but the atmosphere is still decent.

The whole place has a real Americana vibe and we like it. You could put this venue in New York, Chicago or Boston without anyone batting an eyelid.

We take our seats and look over the menu. We can see there are plenty of deals throughout the week.

If you veer away from the happy hour and go for one of the more unusual bottles of craft hops you’re looking at a fairly pricey drink. But they are good.

Food is good, too. We try some buffalo wings doused in sticky hot sauce, they go well with the hops.

It’s not perfect but Stock Burger Co. comes close.


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