Barfly by Buddha-Bar

Bar Review: A cool and stylish canal-side venue in Abu Dhabi

Barfly by Buddha-Bar
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We’ve always loved this super-cool venue, ever since it opened its doors in the city.

There’s loads to love, from its eclectic interior décor (including a giant headless statue and huge paintings) to the spread of Asian bites and meals, great mixed drinks and that picture-perfect setting on the water.

It’s been quite the nightspot since opening, too, with international DJs and lively nights out held through the year.

We decide to check it out on a night when the turntables aren’t blasting out deep house, although we don’t mind tearing it up on the dancefloor when the opportunity presents itself.

When we arrive at Venetian Village it’s a little quiet, which we find surprising with so many great venues dotted across the area.

While the interior is very cool, and you’re closer to the bar, when you have the option to enjoy a few drinks on the sand by the water and to take in the views of Al Maqta, you’d be mad not to jump at the opportunity.

We take our place and dig our toes into the sand to soak up some sun on a lazy weekend, while taking a look at what’s on the food and drinks menus.

We don’t know about you, but often when we see colourful drinks and eye-catching food coming past we can’t help but ask the server what it was before ordering the same thing and hoping its good.

So when we notice a few drinks going past in mason jars, bursting with fruit and looking altogether glamourous, we double down and order two, crossing our fingers that we made the right decision.

As it turns out, they’re great, and we order another round as we order a few bites from the menu to share among the group.

The truffle chicken gyoza are brilliant but they disappear quickly and we wish we had ordered more. Equally popular are the shrimp tempura which are brilliantly crisp and juicy, perfect for a quick bite.

As the sun sets it gets a little chilly and we decide to call it a day, but chilling on the beach for a few hours with some food and drinks is as good as it gets in our book. Give us a great spot and a few friends and we’ll spend the day chilling out.

We look forward to our next visit at this cool little hangout.


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