Bar review: A veteran pub in Downtown Abu Dhabi

Heroes Image #2

It is without a doubt one of Abu Dhabi’s most popular haunts, and Heroes shows no signs of fading into obscurity any time soon, thankfully.

We’re here fairly often and on this Thursday night we decide another visit couldn’t hurt.

As we enter the basement pub with our pals, it becomes apparent we’re not the only group who like to end the working week with a few drinks here.

As the night draws on, it gets even busier still. The convenient downtown location and reasonable prices go a long way towards that, we’re sure.

Sure, it’s far from a swish grape bar, high-end hotel restaurant or stunning outdoor terrace, but sometimes the simple things are best, and it doesn’t seem to be doing too badly with its pared back traditional offerings.

We want a pint of hops, some bar food and sport on the TV and we get all three here. Drinks from the happy hour deal are around the Dhs20 mark and with those kind of prices and the convivial atmosphere, it’s no wonder that the next time we look at our watches it’s almost time for bed.

Our only real complaint is how smoky it gets inside, but the same can be said for most bars in this part of town, and there are clearly plenty of people who smoke or don’t mind.

Overall, this is a casual, comfortable and relaxed pub with good, old-fashioned comfort food, bar snacks and cheap drinks prices to go alongside the sport on TVs and live music most nights, and what’s not to like about any of that?

Heroes, don’t ever change.


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