Todd English's Olives

A stylish and inviting Italian resturant

Todd English's Olives
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The Venetian Village is home to a lot of great spots for a bite to eat, a few drinks or a night cap and we love visiting the area when
ever we get a chance.

Wandering through the network of buildings, with the view over the water and the chilled atmosphere all make for a good time, especially for moments when the hustle and bustle of Downtown doesn’t feel like the right vibe.

Todd English’s Olives, the Italian restaurant by the US chef,  has a reputation for serving up some great dishes (it was named Best Europrean by Time Out Abu Dhabi a couple of years ago) but it also has a smart bar area.

The indoor space is dimly lit and cool, feeling a lot more like an elegant lounge than a restaurant. Keep walking past the pasta making room and make your way to the bar at the back and you’ve got yourself a great place to meet friends for a few drinks, which is exactly what we’re doing.

The bar is quiet, but that’s ok with us and with a buy two, get two promotion available at the time, we’re even happier.

The servers go all out when preparing our mixed drinks and we appreciate the craft and care taken to make our beverages the best they can be.
Staff are attentive, without being pestering, and we’re soon ordering more drinks. 

While we’re there we also tuck into a mezze of olives, bread and tapenade, which go down a treat. 

The vibe is chilled, the venue cool and stylish and we could while away a few hours here with ease. We nearly do, but as much as kicking back with our feet up seems like a nice idea, we’re off to explore the rest of the area.


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